My name is Carly and I welcome you to Roelaniis Designs where you will find a huge selection of handmade glass eyes!

I've always been creative and I’ve had many Hobbies and crafts over the years, most of which take multiple weeks to complete one item, needing a multitude of different “ingredients” and a whole lot of mess! I enjoy making poseable art dolls and needle felting. One of the most important  things, when creating these items is to be able to give them life and I find that the best way to do that is through the eyes!

Having the right glass eyes can really help your creation stand out and appear more life like. That is why I decided to start making glass eye cabochons, so I would have a ready supply when an idea popped into my head and I felt like bringing something to life. Often these glass eyes would need to be ordered from far away countries and so I decided to offer them for sale here in the UK, so others could add life to their own creatures or make amazing jewellery from them.

Follow me on Instagram for news of new designs or attachment options. If you would like your creation to be featured on my Instagram please send me a message here or through Instagram with a picture of your creation and your Instagram page so I can tag you for the recognition you deserve. You can find me on instagram by searching for roelaniisdesigns